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Up In Smoke.

I do not like smokers. And i do not mind that they have recently, this year, passed a law that you can no longer smoke anywhere indoors, bars, restaurants, anywhere. I do not mind that a pack costs close to 10. dollars and i do not care that there are huge anti smoking camps.' all over the city that show horrid pictures of rotted out lungs and stories of widows to second hand smoke.

I am always the one, who has to sit beside the smoker during a class, lunch time, on the subway or during a conference - fresh out of the rain, and smelling like a cross between a jar of smashed ass and a light dusting of ear puss.

Furthermore, i get offended when someone is smoking near me and i can see it in their mannerism that the thought that they are blowing smoke towards a non smoker never crossed their mind. I grew up in a smoking household, and my parents idea of a non-smoke environment was to blow the smoke away from my face, rather than towards it. As a result, i am allergic almost fatally, to second hand smoke. My throat blows up like a balloon and i have to get rushed to the hospital if worse enough.

Smoking is a dirty, filthy disgusting habit and addictive, cool or simply something to hold while in a bar or at a party - no longer cuts it.

What spawns this now¿
My collegue smokes, and we are in an environment that has limited air supply and is closed. I let it go for for 2 weeks until saying something. It rained tonight, and the smell of wet cigarette on him was almost enough to make me throw up. I mentioned it, it was awkward and i do not care.

If you smoke - stop.
It would be far less offensive if you just went around shitting your pants. At least you could take a shower and you would have neat nicknames, such as Mr. Shittypants, or Duff McShorts.
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