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Murtha Blames Iraq War for Kennedy Airport Plot

I wondered how the crazy kooks were going to spin the Kennedy Airport terror plot; first out of the crazy gate is John Murtha (M-Pennsylvania)*, who blames it on the Iraq war.

John Murtha hard at work for his constituency in the Halls of Congress

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, HOST: I want to get back to my first question, but let me pick up on something you said just there. You believe that these homegrown terrorist plots are being inspired by the U.S. work in Iraq right now?

JOHN MURTHA, CONGRESSMAN: Absolutely. George, they were inspired by them all over the world. Our presence in Iraq, our occupation in Iraq, gives these people the inspiration. Now, we didnít have this problem before, they came from Afghanistan. But, now we even have it in the United States. So, Iím absolutely convinced that this is the kind of thing that inspires these people.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But we did have 9/11 before we went into Iraq.

MURTHA: Yeah, we had 9/11, but that came from Afghanistan. There was no, there was no al Qaeda in Iraq. We donít even know how many al Qaeda are in Iraq right now. For instance, we think a couple of thousand. Theyíll take care of al Qaeda. Theyíll get rid of al Qaeda. Our presence is inspiring them to recruit people all over the world. This is the problem we have.
* Moonbat.
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