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There's no stopping our Ron

[Ron Price] takes look at saggy pants ban
Dallas school trustee Ron Price recommended the ban at Wednesday's council meeting, following through on a plan he announced Tuesday. Mr. Price wants the city to create an ordinance to allow police to cite people who wear their pants too low.
"Too low," he said, allows too much underwear to show.
Most of the nine council members who addressed Mr. Price at the meeting said the idea merits discussion. Some said an ordinance was needed, while others felt a public campaign involving the city, schools, parents and the community would be the way to go. Some of the 14 council members said nothing.

Mr. Price, dressed in a suit, his usual attire at public meetings, said the effort is aimed not only at children, but also grown men who walk around with their underwear exposed.
"We have a problem in our city," Mr. Price said. He ran a slogan by the council that he's given to the initiative: "Pull it up, or pay up."

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