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Mr RonPrice
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"Ham" For Lunch

I don't "let" it trouble me if I don't have "ham" for lunch, but I do take interest in the 15 different "Ron Price's" on the internet. there's wife beaters, evangelists, car dealers, a whole pile of different Ron Prices at different websites, a Dean of Information Systems, a chap at Healing Harps, good god I could go on and on--so--be warned Ron Price's are a dog's breakfast of chaps with lean meat, fine cuts and lots of rubbish. See you all in the new year, 2007!-Ron Price, a fine cut for everyman....yessireebob.
Ron Price is a retired teacher, aged 65. He taught for 35 years in primary, secondary and post-secondary schools. He lives with his wife, Chris, in Tasmania. Their 3 children are now aged: 42, 38 and 32. Ron moved to Australia from Canada in 1971. He has written three books since 1999. They are all available on the internet for free. Ron has been a member of the Baha’i Faith since 1959 and now lives in Australia’s oldest town, George Town Tasmania founded in 1804.
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