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When I was a tot, I had a really bad case of the chicken pox. I got to 106 degree temperature. 107 and you are brain dead. I got some brain damage from it that manifested in a siezure disorder. I was one of the first 12 kids on an experimental program that they thought definatly wouldn't work. My mom opted for that option instead of the doctors suggestion of Brain surgery. They wanted to cut some pieces out......

Until the time I was 25 I was on medication to control it even though I hadn't had a siezure since I was about 6 years old I had grossly abnormal brain patterns that said I should be having grand mal siezures every day.

I turned 25 and went for my annual cat scans, MRI and EEG. I was at UCLA. When the top neurologist guy came back with the results he had to go and get some other top neurologist that had just flown in from Boston.

I will never forget the look of disbelief on their face when the reports came back that my brain patterns were completely normal. They told me I was a medical mystery. It was awsome. I weened myself off the drugs and have to this day been completely Normal.

PS, the original test program that I was on is now approved by the FDA and is used to cure kids with siezure disorders. That makes me very

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