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Originally Posted by The Duke View Post
Actually Brynn, Cindy has done an excellent job of kicking herself in the arse , and disgracing her son .

When She made kissy,kissy with Chavez she sealed her fate , it was just a matter of time before her defamatory anti American behaviour got the better of her .

Now she has to live with it the rest of her miserable life ..and believe me Cindy's life will be miserable from here on in .

Oh well thats life in big city politics !

Maybe you would like to take up her torch ?
Thank God for the Internet. It keeps people like you indoors off the streets for at least a few hours a day, where you can't do any real damage nor bother anyone but people who are willing to waste time arguing with you.
There are few situations in life which wind up with you saying to yourself: "Gee, I wish I'd had worse manners there."

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