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Originally Posted by Hyakujo's Fox View Post
So I take it it's only loony vitriol and deranged hated only when they compare your President to mass murdering dictators?

No not really , Liberals show their Loony vitriol and deranged hatred in too many areas ....

Just disagree with a progressive liberal about anything under the sun whatsoever and see what they do .

In reality liberals don't even believe in free speech , or even the right for a person to think for themselves and have a difference in opinion .

Which is why they aren't even liberals in reality , they are Maoists , Marxists and Stalinists who have simply coined a new variation of labels for themselves to hide the fact of what they are really about , they use labels like Liberal , Leftist , and Progressive to hide the fact they are nothing more than intolerant communists.

Simply saying what I just said is enough to invoke a hate war with any Liberal ....they don't like their true intentions and agenda to be discovered !

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