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May you never send an angry email.

I have just discovered T-shirts roughly folded in half and shoved higgeldy piggledy on top of the pile of neatly folded t-shirts in the wardrobe. I then opened the school drawer to discover more of the same. I know you know how to fold T-shirts because you have watched me do it for the last seventeen years and you do not have a learning disability.

If you want to know what triggered my upset the other day it was discovering that the pile of clothes which I had spent my precious time folding neatly had been thrown in on top of the T-shirt pile, trousers, nighties etc and all, back to front and upside down. If I had wanted to do that, I would not have bothered wasting my time folding them in the first place.

This shows a complete lack of respect for everything I try to do around the house.

Really. May you never.
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