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I'm thinking we should discuss some of the things we're going to be trying to overcome in terms of impediments to the project.

Since we don't actually have a concrete idea of what we're doing right now, we could be looking at some general things we've learned about this business of making stuff happen in a virtual environment - and this might help narrow down some of the possibilities.

For one, I think there's a sweet spot between completely guided learning (which can stifle creativity) and the useless anarchy that is the Internet's natural base state.

How do you avoid the ends of the spectrum? And who's achieved this before? What were they doing? We'd need examples to cite in a proposal.

Also, who's the target here? Online communities self-organize and self-segregate like real-world communities. If we're trying to bridge between different real-world communities (and their online analogs), it's going to be a real challenge to create something that both makes a difference in kids' lives and is a self-sustaining idea that won't die as soon as the first grant runs out.

Forgot to mention in the participants thread - I do have training and some small experience in grant writing and 501 (c) (3) work.
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