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So... would you consider Chinatown, Japantown, Koreatown, the Spanish-speaking areas of the city as being contributors to your culture?
Absolutely, they’re contributers! My dad used to play Majong with the neighborhood kids in Chinatown. Everytime I go to LA or San Francisco, I try to make a stop in Chinatown. Sometimes I pick up some cha su bao, a bbq pork bun. When I lived in Long Beach, I would always attend the Chinese New Years festival, with the giant paper dragon being paraded along the street.

As for the others, yeah, they’re important, too. I haven’t spent much time in Japantown or Koreatown or the barrios, so I don’t have as much to say about them.

It’s a patchwork quilt. We’re different, but we’re all interconnected in the patterns and networks that make everything run. What affects any of us affects all of us. It’s something that a lot of people tend to forget, unfortunately.
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