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This forum is a place to brainstorm and develop ideas that can be used in a proposal for the Digital Media and Learning Competition. Please visit the above link and learn about the competition and its guidelines before posting here.

If you post here, it will be assumed that you are granting me and the members of this community the right to develop and pursue your ideas in order to create a proposal for the Digital Media and Learning Competition.

If you wish to develop any ideas found here for other purposes, for example commercial ventures or non-commercial projects that do not have to do with the Digital Media Competition, you will have to get consent from all of those involved.

Contributing to the development of ideas does not necessarily mean that you will be a working part of a project beyond the proposal stage.

Credit will be given to each member of this community on any proposal submitted.

Please let me know if you would like to add to the above statement so that we can move forward with as few bumps as possible.
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