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Transcript - Jack Cafferty, In the Money Relevant issue

CAFFERTY: What about on the downside?

WASTLER: Now we've got the downscale, OK, and this is where people get really sensitive, all right? So 0 to 50, OK, we'll call that maybe a slump, all right? or a drop, a stumble, stumble is good, falter, a little trip. Fifty to 100, all right, we'll get a little bit more, tumble, fall, tank, I love tank, choke, and dive. Now if we go above 100, then we start using the fight terminology. You got pummeled and stomped and beaten and stuff. And if you go over 200 or if you throw in your adverbs like, really stomped. And if it's getting beyond 200 down there, you just go...


LISOVICZ: So where is the market now, Allen? What kind of terminology?

WASTLER: The market, I would say was waffling in a zone. OK? Waffle is a good one

LISOVICZ: Wastler says it's waffling.

WASTLER: So there you go.

CAFFERTY: Now for the fun site of the week. For those of us who remember the days when we used to get nervous before going out on a date, that was a long time ago.

WASTLER: This is one for you for Zefrank (ph) who does a little comedy on the Web, a he has a wonderful pre-date confidence builder, OK? So you are there getting dressed. Just turn on your terminal, click on a little bit and you'll get something like this.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are you fat? What are you, joking? What, do you want to be one of these Calvin Klein girls? They gnaw on their own bones to make themselves skinny. No, it's out. Jennifer Lopez and the Mariah Carey, she's a little too much...


CAFFERTY: I love it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: ... but you know...

WASTLER: He's making me feel better about my weight, already.

SERWER: I guess so.


SERWER: Some people just take medication before it these days.

WASTLER: Whatever you are nervous about, you can click on it. I think we have got another example I believe.

CAFFERTY: Good, let's go.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Use your butts like the magic wand here. Wave it around. Wave it around.


LISOVICZ: Do we need to have that on PG, parental guidance here?

WASTLER: We're always PG.

CAFFERTY: Thanks, Allen.

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