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Thanks for the advice Funky and Frieda. Funky, I could not believe the tablespoon thing, but, it is true! I measured it. Not that I doubted it, but, I am like, really a creature can live off of 6 tablespoons of food a day? Frieda, treats are no longer given. I did not admit this, but the boyfriend had been giving her three treats a day, I was giving her one or two. We just did not communicate this to each other. The vet said, that is 100 extra plus calories she does not need! We did talk about this after her last check up, in July, so she has not gotten anything from either of us since, but, I was still over feeding her. I have pre-weighed and bagged her next few meals, so, the boyfriend knows to use the pre-measured baggies and not measure himself. He feeds her in the a.m. I feed her at night.
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