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Last time I picked a short word, there were a dozen entries... I guess it didn't work out quite that way this time...

I'm afraid I didn't get the joke in this one:
Originally Posted by xfox View Post
huke hanky's little known brother.

Hanky, Panky and Huke grew into anonymity as time went by.
And I know this joke only too well:
Originally Posted by YsaPur EsChomuw View Post
huke - a man you don't want to be with. The expression is used only by women.
Flattery will get you everywhere, so Brynn wins Coveted Second Place for:
Originally Posted by Brynn View Post
huke - another word for "hunky" (which rhymes with "funky.")

"And you know what? That kid is especially huke when he's standing up to bullies," she said as she popped a delicious acarine-flavored Jellybelly into her mouth and thought about Harry Potter.
But we actually use "hork" as a verb at work already, so First Place and a year's supply of our premium services go to:
Originally Posted by lukkucairi View Post

past participle of the verb to hork

We have huke up our definitions, now we may be judged.

Having picked me, Marcus wasn't really a candidate to win anyway, so his prolificacy is noted but insufficiently glandular to register a mention for each entry.

Oh yeah, reality states that a huke is an outer garment worn in the middle ages. I got it from one of the links in The Phrontistery, but it turns out to have been in thefreedictionary all along:

Take it away Hukkukari!
...and another handful of almonds
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