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1. which 80's tv show do you hate most? why?
Growing Pains. Kirk Cameron was so over-rated.

2. what kind of perfume / after shave do you wear?
Rose CK1

3. coca cola or pepsi coke?
DIET Pepsi

4. what time do you usually want to go to bed on weekdays?
about 10pm

5. what time do you actually go to bed on weekdays?
about 12am

6. which james bond movie is your favorite? why?
Moonraker. Jaws was so cool.

7. who do you think will play the next james bond, pierce brosnan again or maybe someone else?
I heard it was maybe going to be Christian Bahl, which would be great, because he did a brilliant job as an arrogant pr*ck in American Psycho.

8. blue mascara, hot or not?

9. how many cooking pans do you have?
More than I have room for.

10. what's your favorite song of the 90's?
Hmmm. There are quite a few, but just off the top of my head "Lightening Crashes" by LIVE.
Knight 1: We are now no longer the Knights who say "Ni".
Knight 2: NI!
Other Knights: Shh....
Knight 1: We are now the Knights who say.... "Ekki-Ekki-Ekki-Ekki-PTANG! Zoom-Boing! Z'nourrwringmm!"
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