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1. which 80's tv show do you hate most? why?
the most??? probably Charles in Charge. what weiner kids.

2. what kind of perfume / after shave do you wear?

3. coca cola or pepsi coke?
um, water, diet coke or dr. pepper. but 'tween the two i would go for Coca Cola any day, 'cause i appreciate their advertising.

4. what time do you usually want to go to bed on weekdays?
about 1030

5. what time do you actually go to bed on weekdays?
1130 in bed, asleep around midnight

6. which james bond movie is your favorite? why?
never seen a single Bond movie and i'm still proud of this

7. who do you think will play the next james bond, pierce brosnan again or maybe someone else?
The Olsen Twins

8. blue mascara, hot or not?
on you? so hot.

9. how many cooking pans do you have?

10. what's your favorite song of the 90's?
oh MoN, i really dig that one too (so hot), but my favourite has got to be What's Up, Four Non Blondes. of course, this is working with the very tip of my limited memory...
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