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1. which 80's tv show do you hate most? why?
Mash. Because if it's on, I have to sit down and watch it.

2. what kind of perfume / after shave do you wear?
I have one bottle of Boss that I've been carting around for the past three years. I'm still not even halfway through it yet.

3. coca cola or pepsi coke?
rum (and coke) That's the only time I drink the stuff.

4. what time do you usually want to go to bed on weekdays?
i WANT to go to bed right when I get home some evenings. But most nights it's between nine and midnight.

5. what time do you actually go to bed on weekdays?
see above. I stick pretty close to that. otherwise, I'm vile the next day.

6. which james bond movie is your favorite? why?
ummm.... the one with christopher lee as the villian (I frankly get them so mixed up, it's not worth choosing one.)

7. who do you think will play the next james bond, pierce brosnan again or maybe someone else?
I like the idea of Bana, if only to not watch Mr. McGregor turn into a class A prick, even if it is for a film. Bana is good at that.

8. blue mascara, hot or not?
only on Barbie dolls

9. how many cooking pans do you have?

10. what's your favorite song of the 90's?
the liberty bell march Tell me what it sounds like...

I hope you didn't mean the 1990s
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