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Wilson, this kinda retarded kid, rides his bike by this gas station where I was sittin talkin, he goes by every day. So's the guys there are all sittin outside on these barrels talkin, and they gets an idea. They rigs a battery to one of the barrels, its not like a super charge, but its a pretty good buzz on that barrrel. They invites Wilson to come have a sit and chat one day, and he sits down on the barrel, and damn, is he mad, and he drives his bike off.

About a week later, Wilson sees the guys in the office, and puts his bike round the corner, and gets a screwdriver and takes the intake grid off the a/c. He shiits on a paper towel, sets it inside the intake and puts the grill back on and leaves.

They went nuts at the gas station for the next 2 weeks, Lysol'in everything they could find, washin walls, floors and they never did find it til somebody one day changed the filter.
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