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Originally Posted by Tennessee Man View Post
Thanks for registering at ZEFRANK.COM - message board! We are glad you
have chosen to be a part of our community and we hope you enjoy your

All the best,
ZEFRANK.COM - message board

This is the message that all ZEFRANK.COM new users recieve shortly after regestering at their private email address provided. Lets break it down just a bit, why don't we. Other than the part about being part of this community & enjoy your stay. I see no mention of rules, written or implied. Now where was our mistake, believing what was emailed to us. If Duke is guilty, then all the ICQ/CE Newbies are. This welcome email was an excellent chance to establish board policy. Trying to do it after the fact, is lame. If I get barred for speaking my mind, at least I won't be alone.

Tennessee Man
What I was saying that part about the Nazi stuff, well, who would want to see that on any message board? Its just common sense. Its part of some rules for posting thing i think that Zenbabe found on the net, I have to look it up.. i think it might be called, how to lose a flame war. Nobody here wanted rules, but we also thought that if anybody cared about posting here, they'd just kinda know how to integrate.

Nobody's fond of people posting just to wag their tongues and waste their time. People who start shIIt for no ungodly reason. Like posting in all caps.

Why would anybody park themselves on somebodys message board that they don't know and complain about the subtlties of an old established board?

It's either a gift horse that you appreciate or you don't. Research would help. Its like moving in to somebodys house that you don't know and criticizing the wallpaper.

I just LOVE what you haven't done with the place!
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