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Originally Posted by skip intro View Post
Ok, so here's a picture of, what? A black woman(?) partially naked and standing on a telephone box with some police standing around. So, what's the situation? Well, i'd imagine that she is is some kind of distress, why else would anyone do anything like that?
No, she is standing on top of the phone booth to be out of the way. Pretty smart, hey? But it's cool that you let your imagination go there, I guess. Why is she in distress? Is it because she's black & half nekkid? Is there a chance this might be photoshopped? The mind boggles.
She probably has mental/drug/who knows what problems.
Who doesn't?
I wouldn't do a thing like that unless i was out of my mind, would you?
Maybe. It's not for you to impose your woulds & wouldn'ts on the rest of the world. Is it? You don't know her situation, so it's a little presumptuous of you to say what you would & would not do.
So it's cool to ridicule people in trouble?
Sorry. Don't get it.
How is he ridiculing her? By posting her picture on the ****ing internet? I can think of 10 things that I cannot post here that would ridicule her more. She doesn't look to be in any danger or pain. She is merely standing on top of a phone booth, prolly to get a better look at whatever is going on.

I mean yay for you for standing up for the underdog & all but I hope that if you were to encounter one IRL you would do the same, after you were sure of the situation.

In conclusion I would like to say, "Jesus Titties: He Rang The Doorbell, Didn't He?"
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