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Hmm, yeah, if you want to know who I want to have their asses kicked, it's the 40 year old white guys in their SUVs or threatening 250s, etc. who like to zoom up behind you and ride your butt when you're not even in the fast lane. I HATE that!!!

But since I have a lot of guy friends in their 40s who drive those vehicles, never mind. I know what Zenbabe means. Like, my dad is 85. He is still a good driver. BUT! Only in his little small town going to the coffee shop or the grocery store. He wouldn't drive in heavy traffic. He, luckily, knows that he is no longer good at that.

So yes, folks after a certain age should be tested. But then again, so should I! I keep getting these "renewal" stickers for my license. I haven't even had to go in for a new picture in I don't know how long.

It's crazy I tell you, crazy!

But how 'bout those Astros (with Roger baby)!? Hahahahaha!!!!
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