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Heya Duke

Honestly, I wouldn't know of Cindy Sheehan but for your posts @ ICQ and now here... I know there are many people against Iraq war in the US, but it doesn't come across as a strong peace movement like it was with Vietnam (at least from Euro-perspective, Americans here are invited to fill me in).

Venezuela: Well Chavez, is totally en vogue with turning his announced 21st century socialism (fear we'll have to wait till 22nd century for real cool socialism) into 20th century Stalinism. Authoritarianism and/or populism are THE thing on the political catwalks worldwide... Take a peek at Russia (where not only gay activists are beaten up by police), Poland (where after Teletubbies, miniskirts, abortions after rape and incest are in discussion for a ban), (semi-)officially accepted racism, antisemitism, anticyganism etc. flourishing in many places and so on... not to mention states like Saudi-Arabia, North Korea, Sudan, China, Iran, Myanmar, Pakistan, Belarus, Cuba, Syria, the 3 -stan countries of Central Asia, Singapore, Egypt, where (ultra-)authoritarianism is quite established since a while.

Off-topic: How do you like Sarkozy's style up to now? Concerning that beer bet - I'd like Jever!

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