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Whats up Doc ?

Originally Posted by House,M.D. View Post
I wouldn't worry about him being right. You post enough, you're bound to get lucky once in a while. This was his once.

I'm sure you will find that I have posted too many spot on threads in the past ....not only here but's just how you look at it ...and where you find them

I don't play word games Doc ,but there is this undeniable thing called the truth and for most it is painful indeed .

as I have always intended ......because "Denial" is not a river down in South America.

May I suggest that you prescribe more aspirin for your patients who can't handle the headpains from the sudden return to reality .....

and naturally , the Horse pills will do just fine for the ever flapping disbelieving moonbats who want nothing more than shoot the messenger, and dominate free speech.

Luck ? Nah , It's just research pal !

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