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Oh Brynn

It comes to a point where one is beyond making an ass of themselves , and they begin to cast ridiculous aspersions upon others , such as Ms. Sheehan has done in the past .

My heart goes out to the military families who have lost their loved ones , These are the same love ones that have been called terrorists and wholly equivocated as criminals by Ms Sheehan .

Cindy Sheehan was a Pawn in a cruel game of Leftwing propaganda , maybe she just realized it recently , and has seen the toll it has taken on her as a limited person.

I'm sorry but I can't pity any stupid person who allows themselves to be taken in and used by the unscrupulous leftist agents of anarchy.

I do have much apathy for Cindy though ....I think she learned her lesson ..better late than never. Maybe she will find the real truth one day ...but that is of no consequence because despite everything she attempted , she achieved absolutely nothing .

I desire more than ever to stop all the wars , and my scope is to disclose the real war behind this war on terror, the islamofacist jihadist war that is being waged against you and I and everyone who may not be Islamic this very minute .

Of course you don't have to believe me about this , just pick up a copy of the Quran , any Quran and start reading the Suras 2 through 9 and know that if you don't submit to Islam you will be deemed an infidel and will eventually suffer under their sword .

this is the war they believe in , not the war I believe in ...I don't even believe in fighting a war to begin with .

I totally believe in preservation of humanity.

Because of this I also don't believe in being nothing more than the sacrificial goat awaiting to be slaughtered by religious fanatics who's religious values encompass total hatred , immoral carnage ,and discrimination toward ALL non believers.

Do you believe in Alah Brynn , Do you believe in Muhammed and Islam ?

You should know by now that I don't even subscribe to any religion whatsoever , I go by what my eyes see ....

I see Christians and Jews everyday saying " I will Die for my Beliefs " which is perfectly okay with me as long as they don't plan on taking any innocent people with them .

and I see Islamics everyday who are saying " You Will Die for My Beliefs" and thats where I draw a line in the sand and brandish my pen which is far mightier than their sword.

Do you understand this ?

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Cindy Sheehan is a mother grieving the still recent loss of her son. I don't care what kind of ass anyone makes of themselves in the course of that unbearable, nightmarish transition. Have some compassion, for Christ's sake. It's obvious you no nothing of that kind of loss.
The war in Iraq is a disaster on every possible level. There is no way around that. At least she's been a courageous voice for what should be painfully obvious to all. I haven't followed her actions in the last year, and I don't care. She gets a free ride in my book, and speaks for many voiceless families coping with loss.

And, blow me down, but I actually agree completely with Duke about Chavez, much as I hate to admit that i'm actually reading these rantings. My best friend, a venuzuelan, confirms all.
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