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Originally Posted by Stephi_B View Post
I still like tovarishch Mikhail Gorbachyov, because he made it possible for us Germans to tear down that wall!
(Mr. "Star Wars" Reagan I always thought quite a sympatico uncle when I saw him on telly as a kid- but do you really think that Gorbi did what he did just because of Reagan's balls? I don't. But of course that all belongs to the American mythos of "winning the Cold war" and I don't wanna take away your delight, proudness and all - BUT actually you're still fighting it, against mistakes Reagan and predecessors made by 'allying with Lucifer against Satan'...)
Mythos ?

Stephie you should know better , are you still standing on a bread line today Babe ?

there is no mythos about the cold war , it was an economic war that brought the Soviet Union to the poor house ...and the USA was only the cab driver delivering them to their self prescribed destination.

Yes thats right sweetie Ronny Raygun-(zap) worked for Yellow Cab .....and Drove Gorby downtown to skid row for a tour that Gorby didn't like .

and Reganomics was partly the coup de grace' that put the USSR under for the final time ....thats no mythos sweetie , just look it up if you don't believe me .
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