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Originally Posted by The Duke View Post
Mythos ?

Stephie you should know better , are you still standing on a bread line today Babe ?

there is no mythos about the cold war , it was an economic war that brought the Soviet Union to the poor house ...and the USA was only the cab driver delivering them to their self prescribed destination.

Yes thats right sweetie Ronny Raygun-(zap) worked for Yellow Cab .....and Drove Gorby downtown to skid row for a tour that Gorby didn't like .

and Reganomics was partly the coup de grace' that put the USSR under for the final time ....thats no mythos sweetie , just look it up if you don't believe me .
How often exactly did we had that discussion now? (Btw, I never stood in any bread line as an original West German, East Germans neither did, they stood in lines for exotic fruits and other not-life-essential goods - what you mean sounds more like Ceauşescu's Romania)

I repeat: The Cold War (am speaking not in economic terms and you know that) is not yet won - watch the news. Al Quaida & Co. are the direct product of American/Western politics pre-1989.

You do some reading on Gorbi!
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