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Originally Posted by The Duke View Post
Well I would call the recurring palpitations from those countries growing pains , if you look elsewhere , perhaps in the US you will see that no one is making noise about some idiotic kiddy show under the guise of gender awareness .
Didn't say a word on the US, now did I? In the States you've got the highest density of Bible whackos in our so-called Western world... BUT they ain't have close as much say than currently in Poland were they're needed by the twins for majority, so there's no need for unnecessary America bashing, which is very boring anyways It's even more boring when one sees that not only the USA, but Germany, Netherlands, etc and so on are either allied or at least very friendly with many states on that list.
But you see in this light that it's completely irrelevant when an American peace activist, scarcely known widely outside America, goes to see and praise Senor Chavez, when George W, Tony, Angie and Co. go to see and praise King Abdullah of S.A. or arrange business / 'war against terror' deals for their countries, so that for example Karimov ("president", ie.autocrat of Uzbekistan) might soon be able to let make a new gold statue of himself...


So you absolutely can't stand them Teletubbies - that came through kinda... Chill this are only TV characters... no terrorists, no danger for national security & stuff


Originally Posted by The Duke View Post
I dont know if communism or even Stalinism is the vogue
I said authoritarianism and populism, which indeed can dress as communism/Stalinism, but also as (ultra)nationalism/fascism or Islamism, or weird mixes of leftwing and rightwing (Islamism is rightwing btw) political flavours. I imagine politics as circle, where extreme leftwing and rightwing meet at the bottom - worst case scenario of a govt - and moderate left and right meet at the top - ideal scenario. In both bottom and top regions traditional right or left attitudes have vanished and formed kinda an alloy, like amalgam.

But that
Originally Posted by The Duke View Post
they always tend to kill their own just before they break down and hit skidrow ....
is absolutely true for authoritarian regimes, no matter what colour they paint themselves.

I still like tovarishch Mikhail Gorbachyov, because he made it possible for us Germans to tear down that wall!
(Mr. "Star Wars" Reagan I always thought quite a sympatico uncle when I saw him on telly as a kid- but do you really think that Gorbi did what he did just because of Reagan's balls? I don't. But of course that all belongs to the American mythos of "winning the Cold war" and I don't wanna take away your delight, proudness and all - BUT actually you're still fighting it, against mistakes Reagan and predecessors made by 'allying with Lucifer against Satan'...)

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