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Last night I chatted with a new mom who is very sick in her own way and held her babe, a premature boy who comes equipped with nasal prongs and an NJ tube. He is doing well, though, all things considered. He will catch up, and she will get well too, spurred on by this tiny bundle of motivation.

I stroked the skin on his cheek that wasn't covered by tape, and smiled down at the little guy, watching his struggle to breathe.

"He's a handsome one, he is," she assured me in her soft Atlantic accent. "He'll be a heart breaker." The total infatuation of the new parent, all-consuming, transforming and nothing short of miraculous.

Were it not there, few of us would be, ultimately. It's a process for which I am overwhelmingly

Because how we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. -- Annie Dillard
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