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Originally, I planned on reaching potential participants via advertising in traditional media. Something along the lines of "We need 'n' students to tell us their story. Call now to qualify for your very own video camera and Mac to get started today."

Television is expensive but a few could be complimented with a blanket of radio adverts. IMHO it's the best way to reach the widest audience not familiar with the web.

Another method is to enlist a few ambassador Sports Racers to visit their local schools or community centers. Regardless of which way it goes, there will need to be someone in each geographical area to launch the project. They'll need to stick around for troubleshooting and upkeep for the duration.

Parental consent is not a concern for me. Set up the forms. Get the consent.

This project is similar to Chain Camera. It will however involve participants for a longer duration than one week. The mentors introduce an interactive component that will increase participant submissions. There will be more total participants and they will be spread out in more locations. Chain Camera was the documentary that got me thinking about the Wikitainment Project in the first place.
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