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I'm at a boarding school, and we're friendly with a good number of the many schools around us. Also, my school has connections to programs that help inner-city youth in New York. I could seed the idea with the administration and see what they thought about it. I also have connections in inner-city Atlanta who do youth development.

Also there's the issue of cost. Awed mentioned giving them a Mac; a lot of the programs (if we want to work through them) already have computers. On the other hand, most are probably cheap Dells without much software for media literacy. So a Mac Mini would probably be good to standardize training as well as the ease of iMovie. There's probably enough Sportsracer money to get one or two for proof-of-concept. Then there are the cameras. Are we talking your standard handheld Mini-DV tape camcorder? Or accoutrements like clip mics if they want to interview people.
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