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Originally Posted by Coffee View Post
So...Duke...(if that is your real name), you seem, experienced, with "names". Please answer this question regarding names:

"What would you name someone who enters another person's home/residence/hang-out without permission...whether it be a private residence or a public residence with an established communal population...and then proceeds to make him/herself at home pissing on the residence and existing population by engaging in what amounts to "name calling" and "offensive banter" (offensive as defined by the established population of course), without bothering to find out if their personal "idom" is acceptable to the established population, and who furthermore defends his "offensiveness" using the same "offensive idiom" despite the established population letting the as yet to be named (by you) person know that their behaviour/idom is inappropriate to the residence and to the established population?

*Awaits your learned response.*

(ps...many on this board would most probably answer; "TROLL")
You know I don't really care to answer that kind of question at all ,mainly because it's clearly cynical and intended to be mean spirited .
You see unlike you , I don't live on a message board ...I have a life you know ....

But you can answer that question for me if you like , and you can even say Whatever you wish, In fact You can even call that situation whatever you like , even if it means you have to wind up doing the goose step to get your message across , it still won't mean one hill of beans to me .......So go for it , whatever blows your skirt up pal ! lmao
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