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Originally Posted by Random Logic View Post
Good to hear but for the record, so that all understands my intent, the things I wrote are not to say that you are classifying all muslims in the same catagory of the Islamofascist, and it does not seem that you have taken my comments that way.

Yes there are many different kinds of Muslims, and not all Muslims follow the strict code set forth by Allah, as Mohammed has decreed. An example of this is Waffa bin Laden, the neice of Osama bin Laden. Waffa doesn't ahere to all of the rules set forth by her religion and it probably gives her family ulcers.

Point taken.

I see nothing wrong with such a quest, however I do not see it happening. You will always have the Islamofascist type I fear.
Yes thats a valid point also , However I don't actually see this as a quest ....I look at it simply like a businessman would ....

Let's go over it together, I'm sure you may even agree with the following idea:

Islamofacists are in the business of totalitarianism and subjogation through fear, and in order to reach their goals they will use every form of known terror to strike that fear into a population....

"I think it's damn good business not to fear them at all , and instead speak out against their terror instead of reaching for different modes of appeasement , or even avoiding discussing their trangressions due to the fear factor they build "

ANd when they don't listen , Act !

IMHO The best way to put any terrorist out of business quickly , is simply not to allow ourselves to be terrorized by their acts in the first place .....

When they come to call with terror , just learn to accept it , and when they are done doing their crimes just look at them and say " Okay Mr. Terrorist , are you finished ? ...Good , now it's My Turn ! "

then just come down on them like a ton of bricks with everything you have !
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