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Originally Posted by The Duke View Post
Yeah but the one I'm really laughing at is the one who told me in so many words that by coming here to post I am invading his home ....go figure the comedy of that one if you will's a clear case of twisted LLLlogic
I can see how that would seem funny to someone who considers message boards to be virtual public pit toilets.
But, what you fail to recognize, despite many many attempts to get this point across to you by a number of established members of this board, is that this message board IS a Community...such as it is...and you have been crapping in it since you got here.
You don't fit in here Duke.
Your style of message boarding would be welcome (or expected anyhow) on many message boards...why don't you go find one of those instead of defiling this one?

Answer to question. Because you ARE a least on this board you are.

Here a couple of boards on an easy to register site you might fit into better: (World politics forum on Craig's List) (Mid-East politics forum on Craig's List)

Or...are you here simply because on a REAL argumentative board you don't have the skills/talent/brains to keep up with the Good Debaters??
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