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Puppy care thread

O.K. Have some questions, I have made many mistakes with princess puppy poo. I accidentally gave her an ear infection, through bathing. Did not realize you have to be very careful about getting water in their ears. It is fine, all cleared up. Medicated her poor little ears, and felt bad about making her have any discomfort. I have bought her everything in the puppy world that is sold at stores to chew on. She loves to chew on wood, not any of the the things I have bought her to chew on. She loves the wood trim in my house. A few years ago, I would have freaked out about my house looking nice. My concern is, I don't want her to get splinters in her mouth. We watch her pretty closely, but can't watch her all of the time. Any suggestions how to divert her? She has tons of toys to chew on, but she loves wood.
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