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Originally posted by SpecialK
What's up with guys these days? All they want is a good time. They never call. Whats up with that? Has it always been like this? What's up with calling for a second date? And where the heck is the romance? I'm pissed off and frustrated and felt the need to vent. Even if you dont want to post under this thread, I appreciate the chance to tell the world how upset i am with the opposite sex right now. >steps off soap box<
I am going to be a bit mean for a moment. What's up with guys these days is the wrong question, the question should be what is wrong with your taste in men? Women are always whining about wanting a nice guy but when it comes to the guy they want it is usually some "too cool for school" asshole who pretends he is doing you a favor just talking to you. Then when he treats you like shit you start complaining about it. Well I am a nice guy, I have never cheated on anyone I have been with, I buy flowers and special items for my ladies at all sorts of odd moments. I never verbally abuse or berate my loves. I have never dated more than one person at a time and have had only one official one-night-stand in my life and felt horrible about it. I always call when wanted and always give space when it is desired. Have dinner prepared and waiting, do whatever it takes to make a lady happy. My advice is to analyze your taste in men, it will be more productive than blaming the guys who were shit heads before you met them and don't plan on changing for you.
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