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the stories nonetheless seem to indicate an alarming trend
yep. the alarming trend is toward over reporting of geriatric car accidents. statistically, older drivers are by far the safest drivers on the road no matter how you examine the numbers (per mile, per driver, etc.). it appeals to our common sense notions that enfeebled old folks must become poorer drivers so we don't object to the stories, in fact we generally nod and feel re-enforced in our beliefs. but the facts don't support these notions. if you took any segment of the population and reported everytime someone from that segment was the cause of a fatal accident, before too long the population would be screaming for the revocation of their licenses as a group. but how fair would this discussion seem if the reporting was focused on blacks, or hispanics, or asians or blonds? a case could just as easily made against each of these group's driving records if the statistics were ignored. it's in these sort of stories where reporters ignore the statistical evidence and drum up stigmatizing sentiment that journalism as a profession lets down the culture.
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