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LOL zen I am sending out a telepathic signal to all my "oriental" relatives to follow you around on the highway

Seriously, though. I really hate that statements like that can just pass by without comment here at this board. I know not everyone feels like that, and I do recognize the people here who stand up to racist bullshit ... it just grosses me out to see comments like that and no reaction whatsoever. It makes me feel like racism is supported here, and that makes me uncomfortable even being here. I would really like to know what Ze thinks about this, actually.

FWIW I think MoN's post about stereotyping older drivers as being shitty was right on. Of course if someone's physical capabilities prevent them from driving properly / well, they should not be able to have a license. Of course people's capabilities deteriorate with age. It's not a given, though, that people's capabilities deteriorate at the same rate, some people's capabilities that affect driving may not deteriorate at all.
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