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I just find it interesting, the levels of interference in private life that people will tolerate if "it's for your own good." I've said for decades that if we let it happen with smoking, hamburgers would be next. Certain as day follows night, public health representatives (like medical associations) are lining up to propose new and exciting ways to punish you for indulging in a hamburger, a Twinkie, or a can of Coke. And since nobody seems to mind that, it just makes good sense to go after your tits next!

"Just like it's risky to smoke during pregnancy, it's risky not to breast-feed after," said Suzanne Haynes, senior scientific adviser to the Office on Women's Health in the Department of Health and Human Services. "The whole notion of talking about risk is new in this field, but it's the only field of public health, except perhaps physical activity, where there is never talk about the risk."
Dr. Myron Peterson, director of medical affairs for Cato Research, a private independent research organization which reviewed the literature on breast-feeding for the council, said that studies have found a link between nursing and health benefits but that they do not prove a causal relationship. "It's like the old statement about the rooster crowing making the sun come up," he said. "If you did an observational study on that, what would you say?"
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