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Originally Posted by Zeismyhero
...does anyone else want to?

I've got about 15 extra pounds I've been lugging around. I don't look "bad" but I know I'd look and feel much better without this extra weight.

I'm a pseudo vegetarian (I eat fish ever so often, but strict otherwise) and don't eat junk food, sweets or drink pop - I've been that way for years. After trying several diets with no success, I've just found my problem: I'm not eating enough. And what I am eating, isn't balanced. So apparently my bod has been hanging on to every calorie in fear that it won't get another.

I found a site that you can use online to track your personal intake in the form of a food journal. And it's FREE! And confidential. I'm totally aware that it's rude to post that information here in our forum, but if you send me a PM, I'll be glad to share it, (unless some of the other regulars say it's OK to post here.)

So, I have a trip to take in October, and a fabulous pair of jeans I'd like to wear while on the trip. Anyone else want to join me on my quest to shed a few pounds?
I don't really have an ultimate goal or anything...nothing concerning jeans in which to fit or anything like that. All I know is that I slowed down for a few weeks from my usually hectic schedule, and I've become unable to control my's obviously turned into some pound-gainin'. So, I'm up for some motivation (both giving & receiving).
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