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Originally Posted by Brynn View Post
My husband used to be an attorney ... Upon closer inspection of what's up there so far, it does strongly appear to be Marcus who is the winner. Ysa Pur was in a spotlight, so to speak, and then he mentioned Marcus - again - and told him to stand in Ysa Pur's place. And then told us to take it from there.
It's no wonder your purported husband is no longer a practicing attorney if that lame inanity is the best he can do interpreting the clear meaning of a judge's ruling.

The reference to standing in Ysa's place is clearly to the two-definition situation, and not to the winner of the round, which is clearly Brynn. Even the twisty minds of the legal profession -- and the former legal profession -- are going to have a hard time trying to say that the large-font "Brynn Wins!" means that someone else wins.

It's you, Brynn -- your sinuous wriggling to get out from under is nearly as indecent as it is arousing, in spite of the claim of a lurking husband -- so, what's the new word?
My strength is as the strength of eight --
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