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so lessee, 24 hours, eh?

pasta & arrabiata sauce with a generous amount of parmesan cheese on top
0.5 avocado
0.5 tomato
olive oil & balsamic vinegar
1 coffee with 2 sugars
1 bowl soy milk & whole foods raisin granola
6 pieces of sushi (california roll), soy sauce & ginger
1 cup of fries with wasabi mayo
0.5 packs of those red gummy strawberry flavored candies
3 pieces of bean desserts
1 box full of various stuff from the hot bar at whole foods: edamame, white cabbage, indian stuffs in curry, brown rice, bit of mac&cheese, some seaweed just to see what it tastes like (blech), couscous, and other delightful stuff. 1.19 lb total says my receipt (holy cow that's a bit much maybe. oh well.)
1 glass of italian soda, way more sugary than i had thought it would be
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