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Talking many many moons ago

i remember tid bits of the first house that i lived in, the back yard, the hill, the steps, our neighbors that never failed to give us candy...

but i would have to say that my first vivid memory is when we moved into our new house when i was four. my brother, sister and i were playing 'crash'. we moved into a bi-level, and what we would do was pretend that the railing at the top of the steps was railroad tracks and my brother and sister would crash matchbox cars into eachother and i would be at the bottom of the steps(or the bottom of the cliff) and throw the cars back up for another crash. at one point, by wonderful siblings thought that it would be fun to crash a bunch of cars at the same time. as i was bending over to pick up the recently crashed cars, two others fell down and crashed on my head, cracking my head open... it wasn't a pretty picture and the memories aren't that great, but it is still the first clear memory that i have.
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