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Bring it on

I suppose it's my turn.

My current one is a latin proverb- bascially it sums up how I deal with life. When the winds are favorable, set your sails and ride them with as little reefing as possible. But sometimes the winds aren't favorable or not even there at all- that's when it's time to do something different- break out the oars and paddle out of the doldrums.

But it's also tied to my two loves on the water, sailing and kayaking. When there is wind, I go sailing. When there isn't, it's time to pull out the kayak and go for a row. (Or go under with a swim with the fishies- scuba diving being a recently-aquired love.)

My last one is one of my favorite quotes of all time: "Learn to handle hot things. Always keep your knives sharp. And above all, have a good time." Julia Child was just giving advice on how to be a good cook, but this advice serves well for how to live a good life also. I try to live by it in the kitchen and outside of it.

My custom text: a nickname my father gave me. He's renaissance man. A friend of mine is "the man who can". And I'm renaissance girl- all of us hoping to be able to take on anything that comes our way, which is usually more than the average cookie.

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