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Please help me. VEry important.

Should I cut my hair?

I have had it between hip and mid back length since for ever. Its really healthy but it only look pretty if I curled it and I hate curling it. But otherwise its fluffy cause its long..

And I am really tall and skinny so I look like a twiggy especially with the hair also tall..

But I have the front layered which is really cute so 4 motnhs ago I cut it to uhmm just above nipple lenght and I hated it so short!! But now it long again and I hate it!!

Or is it just lame to think new happy short shoulder lenght hair would make me feel FRESH and cool and I will still feel ugh :/

Would shoulder length look cute?

Oh on that pic it actually looks nice but it doesnt irl!!! its fluffy and when I wear it without a clip it doesnt match my face.

Should I talk more about my hair?
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