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Slobodan Milosevic Enters Hell
August 20, 1941 - March 11, 2006

Slobodan Milosevic,
The prince of earthly hates,
Died and took the pathway which
Approached the Pearly Gates.

St Peter held the file and gauged
Its countless horrors well,
Then, looking more fatigued and aged,
Said "You belong in Hell."

So Slobodan declared "I've won!
I've beaten Heaven's best!"
And went to tell the tale he'd spun
To Satan and the rest.

Next morning at the Pearly Gates
Ten billion demons stand
All fearful of their final fates
At great St Peter's hand.

St Peter pinched his ancient nose:
His enervation showed.
"Who are you, and who are those
Behind you on the road?"

The front-most demon cringed and said
"Have mercy on us please --
The Serbs run Hell, and Satan's dead,
And now we’re refugees."
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