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Something to laugh about ?

Originally Posted by madasacutsnake View Post

Trisherina asked the question , in a satirical manner , but seriously Mad there is a valid answer to her question and it isn't even funny .:

Let's use a hypothetical here to prove a known fact :

The Doctor has just diagnosed you with cancer in your lung ,and it is on the verge of matasticizing , now you can choose either to allow the doctor to surgically remove the cancer cells which will also involve damaging and killing some of the healthy cells in your lung , or you can do nothing about it , and sit back and say that the cancer cells are only less than 10% of the entire cell structure of the lung , tell yourself that there is no danger , and die from cancer ....Which one do you choose ?

The problem we face is simple ,

The Islamofacists blend into the muslim community and hide there laying in wait to attack and kill the rest of us in the west.

The Muslims they hide between know this for a fact , and these Islamonazis are hiding there in numbers just like a cancer , they are also growing or metasticizing within the muslim community like a cancer , spreading radicalism and an ideology of hatred and death to the believers , and their young children .

They do this by enforcing their Islamic rule over the general muslim population with Quranic methods of fear ...all of these methods can be found in a little book called the Quran .

The radicals are telling the general Muslim population that God will get you if you don't support us and allow us to move through your communities, and just as an additivie we will make sure you wind up dead so you can go up to see god about it when you do betray us .

See the people who like to sell mis-information (taqqiyeh) they get from the muslims they know are not muslims themselves , so they know absolutely nothing at all about these principles.

Everyone hears about the friday sermons all the time , but many stick their fingers in their ears and act like it's just a common rumour , and refuse to believe it is true.

The same people who shovel dis-information for the radicals , turn around and say they don't even know why moderate muslims are not on the march against the death cult , or in action to curtail these fanatics . THey have no answers to the problems .

And they are merely awaiting the day when a malignant relgion will cause a global human drama because they refuse to allow their governments to operate on the sickness , in fact most even root for the cancer in lieu of preserving a healthy humanity.

I have just explained it to you Mad ..Now you can either sitck your fingers in your ears and scream " La la la la la , I can't hear you Duke !" or you can investigate this situation further for yourself as I have done , and find out as I have , that it is 100% true .

another true fact :
Islam is just like the mafia , once you are in , there is no turning back ,there is no outside of Islam once you are in and if you do decide to leave you are seen as an apostate and marked for death .

The same people who carry out these death sentences within Islam are the same cancerous killers who are attacking and killing non muslims ...they are terroists themselves and beause of the quranic law that allocates for their presence among the general muslim population they exist in this way..

So tell me , how are you and Trish going to handle a cancer that is so real , and that it is so dangerous that it will kill you if you just sit back and do nothing about it ?

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