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This is terrible , You don't even realize that I just answered you in spades .

What do you want from me ?

an admission of guilt for some wrong doing I haven't done ?

Forget it , I don't even do guilt , and I certainly don't do fear . or worry either as you can tell by the topics of my posts here .....

I suppose this mean I now have to seriously answer the satirical questions as well , Like the one "do I want You all to vote right wing ?" then ?

don't be ridiculous I am not asking anybody to vote at all here ....I'm just merely telling others to look before they leap , and I never said that it was better to jump without a darn parachute.

It might be better if you were a bit more specific in your questions towards me , and leave out the sarcasm at all costs ..then even I might take them seriously enough to take the time to cogitate a proper answer for them .
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