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Originally Posted by The Duke View Post
Excuse me , but I have absolutely no misconception about the Islamofacist Marxist Convergeance at all , I just have a different opinion about it than you do .....The fact that I don't see it the way you see it is a natural situation totally , and as someone who is supposedly learned , you should have already known this .
1. Having 'absolutely no misconception' about something is absolutely impossible for a human being.

2. Interacting with people in general, and with those who oppose to your own opinions in particular, is NOTHING one can learn from courses or books - that is something you learn by doing, every day again.

Originally Posted by The Duke View Post
You're mistake is in addressing me in a manner that says what I am saying has no substance ,no credence and expecting me to respect you and come over to your way of thinking . Your position in thinking you can correct me , and my thoughts and insights , and change them is way overblown.

Sorry Stephie , But I'm just not prone to brainwashing
May I ask what you are trying to do with those you consider 'left', 'moonbatty' or plainly unaware of the dangerous Marxist-Islamist 'convergence'??
Your political position is solidified, no doubt, it wouldn't harm though if you would not file all left automatically in your enemy-folder.
An example from my personal experience: The parents of the Turko-Bavarian girl I shared a room with in my one year at boarding school were communist (the mother) and socialist (the father) - it was amazing when I was at their place and they battled over the extend of leftism needed to save the world in German and I tell you they have a huge beef with Islamism - just like you and mayhap even more as they after all are culturally linked to the religion the movement refers to - although they saw the mosque from inside only at weddings, funerals and circumcisions. They even went so far as to be against their two daughters marrying a man from Turkish/Arab/Bosnian/Albanian background, no joke! They explained it to me like this: Muslim boys here are criminals and/or skirt-chasing machos and the Muslim boys in the original countries are Islam-freaks - a quite over-the-top generalisation/reaction, but I suppose you'd totally agree. See, and these two people are Marxists through and through. Left their home country even for their political stance - when after one or another military putsch in Turkey the leftists were on the black list. And on the other hand if you had done the research I suggested to you on my "rightwing populism" thread, you'd have found that quite many rightwing populist parties share (some of) the anti-American/anti-Western sentiments with folks like Chavez on the extreme left.

Originally Posted by The Duke View Post
Did you research your opinion about American politicos being
buddy buddy with Saudi Arabia as you say , or did you mistake our quest of using diplomacy and reasoning to try to reach an agreement with a monopolisitc capitalistic Arab oil cartel in order to provide oil for our own country , with a wild idea of America actually being in cahoots with those who violate every human right law known to man ?

I guess We forced China to be the way it is just because we trade with it ?

You should look at the statistics of your own country in it's dealings with Arabs for a change ....Because if you think that America is Bad the truth about Germany's dealings with Arabs will shock the living shit out of you .

I don't ever expect you to see it the way I see it ,in fact I never asked you to see it my way , I only expect the unexpected !

And when the visage of the real truth arises to the horror of our eyes ,and ears ... just remember we have had many conversations about this in the past .

I don't judge anyone by where they come from, what they believe in , or what they look like , I judge them by what they do , and do not .
Duke, Duke, slowly, easy, I know that S.A. is a sore point for you, BUT:
Why do you think I used
Originally Posted by Stephi_B View Post
the capitalist West being (having been) buddy-buddy with Saudi-Arabia and those folks who became known as Taliban and al-Qaida later on.
and not America? Well, cos W-Germany (till 1990) and now whole Germany belongs to it either (we're doing nice business deals not only with Arabs but also with Iranians), just like France, UK, Canada and the whole gang. Nowerdays there is also a capitalist East (Russia + other ex-Soviet republics, China) as you mention it - capitalism obviously does not need democracy to run smoothly...
As for S.A. (don't wanna arouse you, but it must be said), you know King Abdullah looks like a nice uncle when he's shaking hands with our (you see!) political leaders and does the diplomatic blabla, but for me he ain't no different to Ahmadinejad, who is actually easier to assess cos he openly speaks his intentions and ideas in TV cameras...

But well, maybe I got your terminology totally wrong and Marxist/Marxism is just your synonym for everything you disapprove with. Wait, I try:

Finally this Marxist rain weather has stopped, but I have to redo those graphics the boss thinks to have too much Marxism on them, you know: too light lines, too small legends, too insider-like notations or published like that already.

So now I expect the unexpected from you: Laugh! (Something extremists, whether left, Islamist or right, can't, cos they have a stick up their ass..)

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