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Originally Posted by The Duke
I'm just merely telling others to look before they leap , and I never said that it was better to jump without a darn parachute.
Okay, that boils down to "be aware." How very brave. I suppose you see yourself as some sort of prosaic Michael Yon, though the only thing you're embedded in is the ass indent of your desk chair. If that's your goal, to deliver the real news to the otherwise unenlightened, you couldn't possibly have chosen a more self-defeating way to go about it; by repeatedly talking about people as masses and not individuals you discredit yourself every few sentences and the regular readers will learn to stop reading. You just haven't got the skills or character to pull it off effectively, and while Ze has seen fit to leave you intact, over time your annotated multifonted screedish dispatches are gradually netting fewer and fewer views as they appear.
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