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The Ku Klux Kos Kids vs. Mama Moonbat

Cindy Sheehanís decision to run against Nancy Pelosi has fractured her base of moonbat support. Sheís been kicked out of the Daily Kos, because she doesnít meet their Democrat test of purity any more, and now the Kidz are posting rueful farewells to their former icon of absolute moral authority: Daily Kos: Cindy Has Changed, Not Us.

Uh Yeah righhhht , and that must mean the toilet paper roll needs replacing over at KOS

Unfortunately the power of your message declined the more you saw yourself as a leader of a larger political movement.

And this is capped off by the incredibly condescending statement today:

Please understand that I am doing it for your children and grandchildren (and my surviving ones).
In other words, our analysis isnít valued (not really sure why you asked for our feedback in the beginning then). Many of us believe that you are both unqualified to be a Congressperson and your strategy of challenging Pelosi is unwise politically. But according to you, we simply donít understand that youíre doing it for ďour children.Ē

That is the arrogance of someone who believes their own hype. That is the condescension of someone who believes they are larger, better, smarter than everyone else. That is the condescension we never saw when you were establishing Camp Casey.

Sadly, and respectfully, itís you who have changed, not us. Iíll always be grateful for the sacrifices you have made, but I canít support your misguided effort here - and in particular after I see the superiority and condescension of your statement today.
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